Welcome to the Island of Trojan Horses!

Welcome to the Island of Trojan Horses!

Use the space it’s yours / Look around / There are stacks of paper on the floor / Feel free to read / Draw connections between the text and your work-life / If you find it interesting, take it home with you / Leave notes for others to find / Discuss with fellow exhibition visitors and create alliances / Start a conversation with librarians or search the library databasefor additional readings on new structures of work / Spend time here, contemplate.


An exhibition, or rather a space for asking burning questions, is brought to the Aalto University Learning Centre Lobby by the Trojan Horse collective.

Sometimes we have to get out of the environment we got accustomed to, in order to rethink our everyday work-life. How do we deal with the violence related to our work? How do we housewife our climate? How do the tools we use change our bodies? How can we work out what the infrastructure around us wants? These are questions discussed by design researchers, curators, artists, farmers, architects and writers. These are the questions you are invited to take further.