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Trojan Horse:
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Trojan Horse Summer School ”CLIMATE CHANGE OF WORK”
15–24 August 2017

The second season of the Trojan Horse summer school begins with a burst of questions which circulate around the topic of work.

What does work mean? Who has the power to decide what is counted as work?

How can we re-organise our day to day life so that it would create new structures of feeling and meaning as well as new structures of work?

How can we overturn the fetish of the individual creator and express the sensations of collective life?

Can work be therapy? What would that even mean, can that be anyhow meaningful to others? Does that matter?

What do I actually do when I do what I do? Is it work? Is my work meaningful just for a few privileged countries or social groups?

What would it mean to be a worker for an imagined but not yet real world? Do I have to suffer?

Is it be possible to think from the point of view of the most advanced forms of technology and science, and still feel empathy towards all workings of the world?

What is my worker point of view?
With whom should I form an alliance?

What kind of work could have the capacity to transform both the world we live in and ourselves? Who can work miracles?

There is a something there.
We are working on it...

Ten days with a multidisciplinary group of design and architect students and mentors can have an impact. By creating conditions where the school takes the form of a camp, we create space and time for thinking, understanding, listening, questioning, learning, criticising and making new friends. International mentors together with the organisers take care of workshops, reading circles and other activities on a lush island isolated from everyday life.

The school is organised by the Finnish Design Summer School association, which was established in 2016 by architect Kaisa Karvinen, graphic designer and researcher Tommi Vasko and writer Ida Kukkapuro.

The mentors will be announced as soon as they are confirmed.


15–24 August 2017

Bengtsår Island, Hanko, Southern Finland

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