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Trojan Horse Summer School 2018
The Choreography of Money

13.–19.8. 2018
Bengtsår Island, Hanko, Finland
59°53'54.7"N 23°06'30.8"E

This year the Trojan Horse Summer School will construct a monastery-like environment on the Island of Bentgsår. The theme of the year is The Choreography of Money.

During the seven days we will enjoy the isolation of the island, read together, get to know each other, discuss, go to sauna and have workshops. We will also reserve moments from our daily routine so that each participant has the opportunity to share their own interests, research topics or organise a workshop for the others. The reading circles will circulate around the topic of money, value and validation.

This year the summer school is also trying to rethink the role of money in the education system. The summer school is free of charge. You do not need money to take part. We even provide food and all other expenses on the island, and everyone is accommodated in their tents. Each participant will receive a grant of 200€ that can be used for traveling or other summer school related expenses.

We hope that the summer school becomes a residency–like interdisciplinary structure for individuals from various backgrounds, such as design, architecture, economics, social sciences, art, etc. to share their thoughts and knowledge about the topics they find urgent and valuable. This year we especially encourage recently graduated professionals and master-thesis-workers to register. All students and older professionals are of course welcome as well.

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