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10.–12.2 2017

(KATAJANOKKA, HELSINKI. FRIDAY THE 10th OF FEBRUARY 2017) The space port lobby is busy with people checking in to their space trip. It is unusual and exciting to travel to another planet. As is customary for these space cruises, the passengers are all dressed in turn-of-the-millennium garb. It’s perfect for the retro atmosphere of the port and ship itself, modeled after the Helsinki-Stockholm cruise ships that toured the Baltic Sea in bygone days.

Although the participants of this design Symposium are at least somewhat familiar with each others work, on personal level they do not know each so well. Participants get their keycards and wonder with whom they have to share their cabin. Sasha gives a speech about the importance of design for the civilization in the planet A...

The Nerdy Design Symposium is a live action roleplay about the future, fiction, utopian and dystopian design thinking, argumentation skills and interplanetary friendships.

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