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Trojan Horse Open Air Residency
🌿 Cultivating Research Practices
With Simone Niquille and Leanne Wijnsma.🍀
August 12–18, 2019🍍
Bengtsår Island, Hanko, Finland
59°53'54.7"N 23°06'30.8"E
Apply by June 9, 2019🌱

Welcome to our Open Air Residency, a spatiotemporal medium offering nutrients for developing our practices and critical research questions together. During these days we will concentrate on writing, reading and discussing. All participants will have the possibility to share thoughts, questions or prototypes with the group.

Simone Niquille and Leanne Wijnsma will introduce In a series of activities, explores computation through the practice of fermentation and vice versa: infected data, motherboards vs mother cultures, fermentation as rendering, yeast as data storage. While life depends on the exchange of microbes between organisms, computation has an obsession with hygiene. From cleaning 3D scan data to infected machines, unsolicited transfer of information is to be avoided at all cost. embraces the wilderness of fermentation to prototype new practices of computation.

Trojan Horse will facilitate platforms for interactions; improvised stages for performing, tents that can turn into screening rooms and a temporary library to find readings. Participants are also encouraged to introduce their own books and tools on the island.

The registration fee is 70€ and includes workshop, sauna and 4 meals a day. We will accommodate ourselves in tents.

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The application will be open between May 16 and June 9, 2019. Ten participants will be selected anonymously based on the content of their applications and five by luck, using a random algorithm.

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Thank you Taike for supporting Trojan Horse in 2019!